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I've brought this site back by request but due to the change in hosting service some portions are broken and will not be fixed until I have time to convert my old perl scripts to PHP or HTML.

If my bandwidth is exceeded I will remove the offending sections. I simply cannot afford a higher grade hosting package.

Welcome and well met. This portion of my site grows in random directions (much like the vines in the corner there) and some portions are quite old. As time and motivation permit I'll update old pages and add new ones.

spiderTeph's Tricks - plug-in filters for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop (*.8bf files) (Archived)

spiderTeph's Tubes - tubes for Paint Shop Pro version 5 and up (Archived)

spiderPSP Vector Shapes - vector shapes for Paint Shop Pro 6 & 7 (Archived)

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials - several tutorials ranging from simple glass domed frames to blown glassware. Links to this page are fine, links to my graphics are not. Reposting the tutorial, in any form, is prohibited. If you want to share, direct them to my pages. Not updated, but should be functional.

Blade Pro Presets - Over two hundred and fifty presets for Flaming Pear's Super Blade Pro plug-in. All of the old Blade Pro presets have now been converted to SBP. Blade Pro Users that have not upgraded to SBP may change the preset file extention and use them but presets found on pages 12 and up may look very different from the preview images. This portion is offline until I figure out what to do about my lack of perl scripting on this host. There are batch zips for the 21 pages of presets but no previews or individual zips.

Blade Pro Tips & Tricks - the web version of the file I maintain for the Blade Pro Presets mailing list. (Archived)

Useful URLs - the web version of the file I maintain for the Blade Pro Presets mailing list. (Archived)

Backgrounds by Tephra's Treasures - Removed due to lack of interest and hosting space.

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Clemantis flower and leaf tubes are by Roxy.

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